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A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business!

I am Shavonne Matulevich, a single mother of a beautiful 12 year old daughter named Yalaynah, I am a United States Navy Veteran having served Honorably for 9 years, 4 time degree earner (AA, 2 BAs and one MA), published author and business owner of Essential Wellness Solutions! 

Since 2012, my daughter Yalaynah and I have been working hard to heal two broken hearts due to divorce and the abrupt exit of her father in October of that year. I had no recognizable idea about how we were going to move on with our lives the day he walked away from us at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2012 but I knew I had to raise, at that time, this precious broken spirited 6 year old little girl, into an amazing and resilient young woman who would always know her worth.

As a mother, it was hard to put the pieces of our world back together because the walls seemed to be closing in on us, but thankfully we had my parents, sisters, family friends and most importantly, our church to help support us back onto solid ground. I wasn't working at the time Yalaynah's father had left, so we were living off food-stamps, my unemployment benefits (involuntary separation from the Navy) and my GI Bill housing and book stipends while earning my Master's degree. The days were long, the nights were longer and for a very long time, the first time in my life, I truly felt lost because my self-worth and self-esteem had taken a direct hit. I would spend many nights after Yalaynah was asleep in the shower letting the water run from my head to my toes sometimes letting the water turn icy cold because it allowed my mind to temporarily shift from focusing on my emotional pain and turmoil to focusing on the cold hitting my skin. Many nights after those showers, I would put on warm jammies, make me some hot chocolate and watch some mindless TV show that would just let me not have to feel everything that was going on inside my heart, mind, body and soul.

In January of 2014, a lawyer called to let me know that Yalaynah's father had retained his law fim to handle our divorce. I knew it was coming given how he'd flown back to Japan to be with someone else, but because I was in deep denial of the situation, I held on to the misguided hope that things would turn around but of course reality let me know that it was time to close the book on that story. I didn't want or need to read it anymore and I needed to move on from what was no longer meant to be in my life, believing that God would send another writer when it was time to start a new story.

In April of 2014, Yalaynah's face was badly injured and a friend at church had been trying to share DoTerra Essential Oils and up until the point where was child was injured, I wasn't hearing it. Amazing how your child can make you give something another look isn't it? I tried two oils, Lavender and Frankincense and in 6 days, her face was back to normal and I had one question for my friend, "HOW do I get more of this?" My younger sister Jessica told me I needed to  sign  up and use DoTerra because it was AMAZING! My friend told me I could buy a kit with the two oils I wanted and get 8 more oils and because I trusted her, I bought at the time, the cheapest kit they had available. It was ten 5mL bottles that included Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, OnGuard, Oregano, Melalecua, Breathe, DigestZen, Deep Blue, and Frankincense. I figured if two of the 10 oils made my baby's face look normal after 6 days, what could the rest of the oils do? I decided to take an honest look at what the other oils could do and as I started really using them each day, I started noticing how much better Yalaynah and I started feeling especially emotionally and that prompted me to start sharing with my family and friends. I shared with my mother first who, as all good mothers do, signed up to support me and very quickly found that Balance, the Grounding Blend supported her "Over the hill hormone issues" and she was hooked! My sister Jessica just needed the money from working before she signed up with her own account and then my younger sister Briana started using the oils for vein support and she was hooked too! From that moment in time, it just started growing and the sharing of my story began to resonate with others and things just took off and my love for oils, using them in our lives and teaching others to do the same, has really been a fun and rewarding journey!

Now in 2018, we have been using and sharing DoTerra for over 4 years and as we have taken the time to learn how these amazing bottles of essential oil goodness truly affect and change the cells in our bodies, we have found we are able to feel, eat and sleep better which allows the essential oils to work at maximum capacity aiding in our overall health and wellness. Since the very first time we experienced the powerful skin support for my daughter’s facial injury in 2014, we have loved every minute we have been given the opportunity to use DoTerra in our lives. We have had to dig our way through immense heartache as well as emotional and mental exhaustion over the past several years in order to find a silver lining in our lives. We have learned to smile and enjoy life again, long removed from allowing ourselves to wallow in the pain. Join our journey of health and wellness as we share our story and help you create and share your own! We help you find natural solutions to unnatural problems! Welcome to the Essential Wellness Solutions Family, we can't wait to meet and work with you!-Shavonne Matulevich